January 2020 Goals

So this month I know people tend to make resolutions and by February they have failed.; I dont tend to stick to my goals that I make each month so I am going to go for aims instead of goals.

I will aim to do the following this month and not beat myself up about it if I don’t manage to ‘achieve’ them. That being said there is lots I want to get done over the course of the year and not just the month such as decoreate, empty the dreaded loft (keep saying that, bit this year is the year it will get done) and par down the kids toys All that wont happen in one month but if I can make a start during the month on one aspect then I see how I go as the months roll on.

Home Goals

—> Decorate
My first thing to decorate this year if the hallway, remember I was supposed to do it last Oct… yeah well low and behold it still needs done. I have the paint and stuff I just need the time and motivation to get it done.

—> TeamTOMM
January is the month that I am going to dedicate to doing TOMM properly, not half arsed. When I do it the house looks great, let it slip a day or two and its like a hurricane has blown through the place!

—> Sort out Xmas Decorations
When it comes the time to take the dec’s down (in the next few days) I am going to par down what we have and only keep what I know I will use this year. I have several boxes in the loft and only used one this year! Plus it will also help with making a start on emptying the loft out so its a win win situation.

Health & Well-being

—> Mediation and Mindfulness
I went back on my anti-depressents in Oct last year, and that couiopled with practicng mindfulness I think I have caught the depression in time for the first time before it got too bad. I am finally, honestlyand truthfully feeling like my old self again. So I want to incorporate more meditation time to really reign it in.

—> Veganuary
I have signed up to be vegan for the month of January (which I already failed yesterday by having steak pie for new years dinner at mums!) I am already thinking I should have maybe started with going vegetarian first as I eat a lot of eggs and cheese…. but I will see how I go. Watch out for my Vegan updates throughout the month.

What is your aims or goals for the first month of this new year and decade?


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