Goals for May 2019

I am laughing in the face of my April goals! Did I complete anything that I wanted to achieve? Did I heck!!

“Why not?” I hear you cry, to be brutally honest, I completely forgot and then couldn’t be bothered. Plus the kids were at school a total of something like 10 days throughout the whole of April due to Easter break (which was 2 weeks) then actual Easter Weekend!

Incidentally they have also been of Fri and Today for the May weekend! I mean WTF! But this is the last time off until the summer… but still….

So for May since my little darlings are at school for the rest of the month I am looking to achieve:

Home Goals:

–> TeamTomm cleaning
I have finally cracked the this cleaning method, but still got a long way to go! My daily list of things to do and the daily load of washing has helped heaps! There is still a long way to go decluttering wise but cleaning wise it is finally falling into place.

–> Declutter
Still working my way through this, slowly but surely. One day I will have a picture perfect home, that is lived in but tidy and clutter free!

–> Paint the bloody kitchen!
How many times have you heard me say that?? I am getting sick repeating it but this month I do aim to have the kitchen walls done – for sure!

Whats on your list for the month?


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