Hello October!



I can not believe that we are into October already – I love this month, it means Halloween and another month closer to Christmas. The cold days and night are coming in and it means digging out the hats scarves and jumpers. Having said that I am still kicking about in my flip flops some days as I am so damn hot! I am going through a bout of sweating profusely and it is doing my head in, I can be seen going about the house in vest tops and joggies and still sweating like a pig – which Lee has told me a little tid bit that pigs do not actually sweat – no amount of deodorant or showering is helping… maybe I am making myself sweat more by worrying about all the time. My mum thinks I am starting the dreaded “change” – fuck me surely its not the menopause already? though I think my mum was about my age when it started for her…. Great!

Anyhow a new month and new set of goals – in fact they aren’t really changing month to month as I am not really doing them! I am absolutely terrible at sticking to anything and my head is a jumbled mess that I just cant concentrate on doing anything for long periods or time or I cite lack to time when in fact I have an abundance to it seemingly!

Goals for October

1. Try a Pumpkin Spice Latte

I keep seeing my American friends on FB go on about it being pumpkin spice season over there, and I want to be a sheeple and try this out just for the hell of it – need to see if any place like Costa or Starbucks in the UK actually do this here

2. Daily journal

I have been pretty good at doing it almost everyday in September so I want to continue it for this month – been drooling over planner layouts that I would love to incorporate to my daily journal.

3.  Xmas shopping

I have my list now (almost) complete on Amazon for the kids, and now it is matter of getting it to the grandparents and get buying myself, great to be organised and thanks to Scentsy for allowing me to get started early

4. Take part in #blogtober16

I found a list of prompts for the month that I hope to get through – some I have already done but dont see any harm in doing them again – more often than non they will be backdated and done all in one day by hey ho…. I will try

5. Keep on top of my reviews

I have a ton to get through and even more coming! Its getting crazy! 


So whats on your goals for this month?



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