The Tuesday 10 #48 – Goals for March

 Its Tuesday, and that means its time for this weeks edition of the Tuesday 10!

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This week’s theme is GOALS FOR MARCH

I officially suck at sticking to any goal that I have made so far this year! I may not keep them but I am still going to make them and take it from there. I think its good to have something to work towards and then look back on to see if I managed it (or not.)

1. Stop feeling so depressed

Ok more down than depressed, but either way seem to be having a lot of down in the dumps days recently and I don’t really know why. So I want to try and have more good days throughout March.

2. Detox

I think my diet and lifestyle are pertaining to my erratic moods and down days, so going to do a detox – not sure what kind as of yet, I will need to look into it but I feel a cleanse will do me good .

3. Go to bed early

I have been going to bed later and later recently and whilst I always sleep well regardless if I am up with Lucy now I am finding I am having a crap nights sleep. So chidren permitting I am aiming to be in bed by 9pm every night…. Fingers crossed.

4. Read

This will always be on my goals list since I have so many books to review for my book blog 🙂 I have a ton to do for March and I am looking forward to me time to read,

5. Work on my blogging Goals

I have lost my blogging mojo so hope to get that back and get my schedule all worked out and back on the wagon

6. Stop drinking energy drinks and drink more water instead.

Yeah this is a no brainer. I really need to stop drinking them, but I am so tired all the time they give me the boost to get through the day. BUT I know if I cut them out and work on goals 1-3 then I wont feel so drained. It will be tough to end the vicious circle then all will be fine…..



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