Hello April!

April is here, meaning spring has sprung! 

This month I am not going to do much in the way of setting goals, as the next 2 weeks is the schools Easter break and we are going away for 1 week to the cottage, and well I feel like having a lazy month off from goals to reassess what i actually want to achieve. I don’t tend to stick to my goals as it is but I have been pretty good at my daily journaling even if it’s just a few line each day.

Not only is it Easter break but little miss starts nursery on the 20th! Oh my where has the time gone for this to come around. She keeps asking when she can start so that is a good sign that she is at least looking forward to going.

Ok I lied, here are some mini goals for the month:

1. Daily journaling

2. Blog planner 

I have been writing down in this when I have any good blog ideas that i have thought of or collected from the web, I have a ton that I need to find a moment to actually sit down, write and schedule.

Completed from March:

I have managed to give up the irn-bru, and i feel tons better for it and I plan to keep that up throughout April.

What are your goals for this month?


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