Wish! March reviews

Soooo back in Feb I discovered the Wish.com and Wish App, and have been slightly dazzled by the cheap prices, though I guess you get what you pay for right? I mean come on £1 for an item isn’t got cut the mustard is it? really? Well that is what is I am setting out to prove,

When I purchase anything I am going to do a wee review on the products and do a round up at the end of each month, so welcome to my March Wish Product reviews!

WISH items ship from items mainly from China and shipping is per item so it does not matter if you order 1 or 5 you still pay individual shipping – madness but its how they work!


Ok so first up is my freebie for downloading the app, I only have to pay £1.00 shipping for this bracelet, really out of the freebies this was the best one for me. Now I have bought something similar to this design so knew what to expect with it.

This one features silver embellishments – 2 entwined love hearts, a white gem with wings, Love and infinity sign (you can’t see it in the photo because of the love)


It’s not the easiest of bracelets to put on I have to admit!  And see those little sharp bits on the photo below, yeah they dig in and hurt! you will need to bend them in a little bit and once done it is fine, I have worn this a few time and so far so good, its not an every day wear for me though, but I do love it.


rating – 

Price – free with £1.00 shipping

shipping – ordered in Feb and it arrived a month later  – 2 stars

item – apart from digging in I love it so – 4 stars



Next were these two sloth design necklaces


These are silver – photo makes them look gold! sorry! They are on silver chains and you adjust the length you want it to be.

Now these were actually ordered in Feb and arrived in about 15 days, each were £1.00 and delivery was £2.00 but I got one them for 0.95 and 0.40p discount making my total £3.55.




Price – £1.95, shipping £2.00, discount £0.40 – total  £3.55

Shipping – 15 days  – 4 stars

Item – both are great worn a lot and still going strong – 5 stars




This is such a cute little necklace! You can get it with different variations of the small birds (1,2,3,4,5 etc) I got this in the 3 birds, one to represent one of the kids

The little birds looked gold on the original listing but they are actually more like a rose gold colour in real life.

The chain is extendable so you can adjust accordingly, and it sits nicely when worn.

Its cute and I love it



Price – £2.00 shipping £1.00 – total £3.00

Shipping –  2 weeks 4 stars

Item – 5 stars


Next up was three toe rings – one was a 2 pack with flower design and the other was an infinity sign, that one didn’t last 2 weeks before it broke, but the flower ones are still going strong – I have them on each foot on the toe in from my big toe.

Now these have discoloured tried the clear nail varnish but didn’t seem to make much difference. I will still wear them until I find a replacement I like.



Price – £1.95 shipping £2.00 discount 0.19 – total £3.56

Shipping –  2 weeks 4 stars

Item – apart from 1 breaking the others are still going strong and worn every day 4 stars




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