The vegan kind lifestyle box #94 August 2021

The vegan kind lifestyle box #94

I gave a little squeal of delight when I opened this months box – since I saw the announcement of the Love Raw Salted Caramel bar (rrp £1.89) I was rather hoping it was going to make its way into one of these boxes – it is so delicious! IF you love/d Kinder Bueno bars then this is the vegan alternative you must buy!
The Rubio Extraordinas Chicken & Lemon crisps (rrp £2.75) went down a treat with me and M – he loved them, the Miiro Dessert Chocolate bar (rrp £2.50) I wolfed this down then realised it was a dessert chocolate – wish I had kept it for baking with at it was yummy but would have been great melted for rice Krispy cakes or the like, Pea Pops Smoky Barbeque (rrp £0.99) again went down a treat with M (I am not a huge fan of anything smoky bbq flavoured) Real Handful protien bar (rrp £1.20) and the Peaks Choco squares (rrp £1.19) were both in their own right delicious. The Cheeky Panda Handy wipes (rrp £1.49) are safley stored in my bag for when I am out and about – and last but not least Tribe Active Oats (rrp £1.50) I have yet to try, but will get round to it one day

This Months Recipie:
African Peanut Stew

Box Value: £13.31


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