The vegan kind lifestyle box #95 September 2021

The vegan kind lifestyle box #95

Mrs Tilly’s Vegan Sea Salt Fudge (rrp £2.49) OMG if this wasn’t labelled vegan you would not know that difference between this and normal fudge! I loved this – pity there wasn’t more in the box I fairly devoured it too quickly!
HiP Chocolate (rrp £2.95) I have stashed this away so not tired this bar yet, the Buttermilk caramel nougat bar (rrp £2.00) I however devoured omg this is so like a mars bar it was yummy even hubby agreed!
Beeps popped BBQ (rrp £0.80) as said previously I am not a lover of BBQ flavours but they were nice, M finished the packet so at least he is fall back for BBQ things lol Cornitos Spicy Tikka Masala crisps (rrp £1.00) were right up my street, spicy and full of flavour and another that hubby liked! The Clif Bar Mini crunchy peanut butter (rrp £0.99) was small but ever so tasty!
I cant bring myself to try the Rebel Kitchen Banana Mylkshake (rrp £1.60) as of yet lol im scared its going to taste horrible…..

And lastly for this months box we have an household item – Zero Waste Club Biodegradable Kitchen Sponges (rrp £3.99) – the one thing I have not changed out is my kitchen sponges and I have a few work though rather than chucking unused before I crack open this little beauty.

This Months Recipe:
Tofu halloumi

Box Value: £15.82


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