[Book Review] The Revenge of Adam Defoe by Evgeny Levin


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The Revenge of Adam Defoe
by Evgeny Levin


My Review

This is a tale of friendship that turns into jealousy and greed. Dr. Yoav Walberg seemingly has it all – a beautiful fiancée, a fantastic promotion and has discovered he is the to heir to a substantial fortune. When his group of friends begin to get jealous of his life – one over the fortune he has acquired, one over his beautiful wife to be and that third over the fact he was passed over for the promotion when Yoav got it instead.

His so called friends plot his demise and Yoav finds himself in Tibet, where he has once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to start his life from scratch. For me this was a fantastic element to the story and the twist that gave Yoav the chance for revenge on his former friends.

This is a fast paced story that show just how greed and jealousy get to people and this is a great story of revenge.

5 stars


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