Improving Your Confidence After Having Kids

Having kids is an incredible time in a woman’s life. They say you never know true love until you have kids – and that statement is so accurate! However, one thing that can become apparent after having kids, is a loss of confidence. This can happen for many reasons. Some women forget who they really are, and see themselves only as a mom. Some don’t like the way their bodies have changed after bearing children. This guide will help you to improve your confidence after having kids. Enjoy:


Make Appreciation Lists

Start off by making appreciation lists. What do you like about yourself? Make a long list. Write anything and everything down. Add to it over time and read it every day. This kind of positive affirmation should help you to feel better in no time!


Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are poison to the mind. You wouldn’t think many of these thoughts about a good friend of yours, so why think them about yourself? Be kind to yourself and think of all of the positives instead. Look at the appreciation list if you need to.


Accept Your ‘Flaws’

Everybody has a few things that they see as a flaw, right? The key is to accept them. Don’t dwell on them. Maybe you aren’t too keen on your big feet or short nail beds. Whatever it is, just accept them. They are a part of you, and once you do you’ll be so much happier. Plus, you must remember, nobody focuses on these things half as much as you do!




Take it Slow

Many women want to lose their baby weight after giving birth, but make sure you take it slow. You must take your doctor’s advice. Slow and steady definitely wins the race when it comes to getting back into shape. You’ll be far more likely to keep the excess weight off this way!


Pick Clothes You Like

Instead of trying to hide your body in baggy, unflattering clothes, pick clothes you like. Make sure you feel good in the clothes you’re wearing and it’ll change your entire mood.


Visit a Salon

Why not pamper yourself? You deserve it! Visit a salon and have something nice, like a facial or hair treatment. Many women reserve all of their excess cash for their kids, but they need treating from time to time too.


See a Surgeon

If you have some issues you can’t fix yourself after giving birth, you could see a surgeon. You can go for mommy makeover surgery, designed for moms who want to feel like their old selves again – but better! Just make sure that surgery is really what you want before going ahead.


Don’t Compare Yourself to Others 

Comparing yourself to others is a huge mistake! It can make you feel awful, but you need to remember that everybody has a different story. It makes no sense comparing yourself. There’s only one you in the whole world, so embrace who you are and enjoy it!


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