40 and Naughty?

Yes its true, I have now hit the milestone birthday of 40 years old.

I really wasn’t bothered about this birthday (thought secretly inside I was dreading it!)

I wasn’t really expecting the absolute belter of a day that I got from my family.

Balloons, banners and birthday cake – all things I haven’t had since my sweet 16 (ok I got a cake for my 21st in the shape of a vodka bottle if I remember right)

Not only did I get a birthday cake but I got two birthday cakes! One being vegan (top tier on the take it easy cake) and two for everyone else to eat – though to be fair the all should have just had mine as there was way too much cake left (that I couldn’t eat!)

My birthday started with a stay overnight on the 16th Sept at Carberry Towers in Edinburgh with Lee. The room was lovely and so was the views – it overlooked over some of the 40-odd acers of land, and there was a bottle of bubble for us in the room when we arrived, so I enjoyed relaxing drinking that before dinner.

We purposely put our phones away at dinner, in favour of you know enjoying each other company rather than starting at a phone screen, so I did not get any photos of our delicious dinner. They were notified that I was vegan and they were really helpful at helping me have a delicious three course vegan meal. We both had a lovely tomato and roast red pepper soup to start, than I had a lovely butternut squash tagliatelle pasta and Lee had a burger that looked great I have to admit with everything on it, for dessert there wasn’t anything vegan on the menu but I was told that they chef could make me something – which I thought was great on their part, I ended up with a green apple sorbet with fruit salad and lee had the salted caramel cheesecake.

We had a lovely breakfast and I was given a glass of bubbly at breakfast from the lovely woman who had checked us in. Its the small things that make a place an enjoyable stay. Would definitely have a return stay here for sure.

After breakfast we had a lazy morning before heading home.

MIL had come to stay with the kids overnight so they were at school when we got home, and I walked into banners and lots of sloth party pieces which was just amazing.

I walked to get the kids from school and my mum, Lee and Kate had worked their magic again and had more stuff waiting for me coming home!

We got reax for a hour or two before we all got ready to head out to my favourite Chinese restaurant The Cotton House for dinner. My Aunt Moira, Uncle
Tom and Brian all came along as well and it was nice to see everyone.

The meal as usual for the Cotton House was amazing, and at the end out came the sloth cake with cupcakes from mum – they turned off the music and all the wait staff sang happy birthday – red neck much? lol

So all in all turning 40 years old was pretty painful, I had an amazing celebrating with the ones I love the most, and I am so thankful to Lee, Mum and Kate for making it a great day and one that I was not expecting xx


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