Happy birthday to me…

Today is my birthday,
Happy birthday,
Today I turned 33!


I am officially feeling old now, and I have to say my 32nd birthday seemed to feel like it lasted way longer than just a year :/

I think I am past birthdays. It was just another normal day for me with the exception of cake being involved. I still got up did the school run, made dinner and washed the dishes. 2 out if 3 kids are sleeping and hubby is working – it’s 7pm, so I am currently snuggled up on the couch watching Jurassic Park with Maxi whilst he fights the sleep.

Today is my birthday,
Happy birthday,
Today is just a normal day.

I got a lovely hat & scarf set (from Avon), some sweeties and a nice blazer type jacket from mum and from the kids more of my fave sweeties and a tub of Haggen Daz Cookie Dough.

Also I have £40 of Amazon vouchers to spend, but I have no idea what to get lol Always the way, have no money see stuff get vouchers dont see anything I want 🙁


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