Sept blogging challenge day 12 – Helpful

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12. What would really help you right now?

In all honesty money would be the biggest help to me or rather us as a family.
Whilst we are not at dire straits just yet, it’s getting harder each month. Being self employed and and trying to get paid on time is difficult, most companies pay 30 days after invoice, which really works out to be 60 days – nightmare.

I am looking at potentially getting a wee job to try bring in some extra money, as every little helps, but it’s what to do with the smalls it’s not so bad now that Jack is in school but still would need to arrange some kind of childcare for Max and Lucy. And I don’t want to be working for nothing by having all my wage go on childcare as then that defeats the purpose of me working in the first place. Urgh!

Nothing is ever simple.

I do Avon, but lets face it unless you are dire hard sales person you will never make huge amounts of money. I have a regular bunch of customers who order but not huge amounts average about £10 so yeah big money there! Lee wants me to quit it, but I am still riding it out. I guess I see it more as a hobby than a job now.. something to pass the time though it’s a pain at the same time lol.


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