[Review] Carrot Face and Body Oil by Sinivalia #NaturalSkinCare

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Sinivalia is a London based company specialising in organic and natural beauty products. To top it off they don’t test on animals – a huge bonus in my eyes – and they are chemical free as they only use natural ingredients. I am being more concious to look out for products that aren’t tested on animals and this range has everything you could need. 

Next up on my review of their products, is the Carrot Face and Body Oil. This comes in a 100 ml glass bottle with a dropper – which is great as you really only need the tiniest amount of this stuff or you run the risk of becoming an extra in for Willy Wonka.

I was scared to try this out because of the intense orange colour. I am however, not a lover of this one, mainly because I seem to be one of the unlucky one who skin does actually stain with this! I tried two drops on my hands and massages it in, whilst it did soak into my skin really really well it did make my hands look as if I have used fake tan.

I tried again on my legs since the weather has been rubbish they are covered up at the moment, using just one drop this time and I got the same results. The one drop wasn’t actually enough to moisturise but it did still mange to leave a slight orange tint to my skin. I really don’t like to say this but this product just didn’t work for me, which is a shame as I from what I have been reading about carrot oil it sounds like it would be a great beauty product to have in your arsenal. 

I am really fair skin and I do not tan so maybe that is why the tint was present on me, perhaps if you have skin that tans well then it might no have this effect.

You can purchase the Carrot Oil by Sinivalia  for £11.99 (regular price £15.99) on Amazon


** Price is correct at time of posting **



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