[Review] Bentonite Clay Detox Face Mask by Sinivalia #FaceMask

** Disclosure: I received the Bentonite Clay face mask  free of charge for the purpose of this review. This does not alter my opinion of the product in any way. This post may also contain affiliate links, that I will make a small commission on if you make a purchase. **



 Sinivalia is a London based company that I had the pleasure of receiving several products from to test (see post here for the full list). Their products are cruelty free and made from all natural ingredients – meaning they are also chemical free as well! Bonus! Also they are Vegan friendly.

The Bentonite Clay Detox Face Mask comes in a 240g tub, now I am going to be honest I thought it was ready made mask but no it is a huge tub of Clay Powder. Take care opening it up as it pretty much full to the brim – which is great.




The only negative thing I have to say is the directions for this are abaismal!

Directions: Dissolve in warm water or Rose Toner, apply to clean skin for 15 minutes.

They are not clear in the slightest as to what amount and ratio of clay and water to use so it is pretty much trial and error.  I searched on goggle and came up with a variety of combinations I went with 2 parts clay to 2 parts warm water or rose cleanser **

Once I started to mix it up it started to thicken and resemble a thick green sludge! I had to add more Rose Cleanser to it – another 2 teaspoons I think it was and still I wasnt happy but I decided to give it a go anyway. I mixed it with a fork to get as much of the lumps out as I could.




When I was applying it to my face it was still quite thick and as you can see some of the thick clumps in the picture below. I basically just applied it with my fingers which  personally for me was the best way as I could smooth out the thick lumps.




As it dried my skin became tighter and I waited out the full 15 min and the mask had turned white. The part of the thick lumps were still present but I think I maybe could have been doing with leaving it on at least another 10 mins. Once I washed it off with warm water and a muslin cloth I was surprised at how red my face went! But then again I guess that was to be expected at it is a detox mask. My skin was so soft and smooth after removing the mask, I toned and then applied moisturiser.



I have been using this once a week for several weeks now and it is definitely detoxing my face. I have broken my face out in small spots on my forehead and chin but they are clearing up, I will continue to use this once a week as part of me routine to detox my face. 

You can buy Bentonite Clay Detox Face Mask on Amazon for £10.99 (regular price £15.99)


** I would recommend using warm water as your rose toner will run out very fast!!

** Prices correct at time of posting





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