[Review] Anti Ageing Face Oil by Sinivalia #NaturalAntiAgeingOil

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Sinivalia is a London based company specialising in organic and natural beauty products. To top it off they don’t test on animals – a huge bonus in my eyes – and they are chemical free as they only use natural ingredients. I am being more concious to look out for products that aren’t tested on animals and this range has everything you could need.

So this the Anit Ageing Face Oil and this comes in a 50ml glass bottle with a dispensing dropper. As with everything else I have tested so far this one is also suitable for all skin types and it is especially beneficial for sensitive and damaged or dehydrated skin.

Directions: Apply 1 or 2 times daily on damp skin. Natural skincare product for woman & men

Ingredients:  Cupressus sempervivens, coriandrum sativum, citrus paradisi, peiargonium roseum, citrullus vulgaris, corylus avellana, simmondsia chinensis, prunus armeniaca, oryza sativa


As you can see this one has a bit more in the way of ingredients, and I am not going to lie I had to Google a) to see what they were and b) make sure that the weren’t chemical. True to Sinivalia word nothing chemical in this all, all you find in this a mixture that has apricot, Jojoba, grapefruit to name a few.

This also smells amazing! Very citrus smell with an undercurrent of rose. It is a clear liquid and I used 1 drop on damp skin after shower, no i expected it to be quite oily but I was surprised when I discovered that wasn’t the case. It left my skin feeling soft, smooth and healthy looking.

I have been using it along side many other Sinivalia products so I can’t comment on it use singularly as I do think they work really well together, As for the Anti Ageing properties my skin is 33 years and whilst I have a few wrinkles on my forehead I cant say that this helped smooth them and I guess with prolonged use I think it may help delay the onset of more wrinkles (I hope) 

 I love this and would buy it again – if just for the smell alone.


You can buy the Anti-Ageing Face Oil by Sinivalia from Amazon on sale for £14.99

**price correct at time of posting **


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