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So I got the chance to review some pet toys for Abby, and I can say she is absolutely loving them! When I told my mum I was getting the chance to review these she was over the moon as she had in fact seen the fox toy and was thinking about getting it for Abby.

The box of goodies included three toys and a LED collar.


PHEENX Large 1-Inch LED Light Dog Collar, Orange

This is a brilliant collar, although our dog – a Lhasa Apso – is only 6 months old it is still rather big on her, so we didn’t get to use it to its full potential. However from the photo you can see that we had it round her tummy – which may be a little strange by since the dark nights have been drawing in this has come in handy even if we weren’t able to use it as a collar. When she is out she has on her little dog coat and this isn’t too tight or big around her tummy and it allows her to be seen when out for walks in the dark, even more so I would say that it would around her neck. 

2015-11-17 09.42.53

The collar itself is adjustable – and can fit a neck size of 16-inch to 24-inch, it is bright orange in colour and it is made from high grade nylon webbing. The LED has 4 settings – On, Flashing Fast, Flashing Slow and off, all which are easily selected via a simple button press. The little button unit itself fits snug back into the collar out of the way, the battery is also really easy to change as well (even though we haven’t needed to change it as of yet)

Along with the LED there is also a reflective strip which is great when you are are out walking when it is starting to get dark – also good if the LED should fail when you are out and about, which I don’t foresee happening, we have been using this for a few weeks now and it still as bright as the first day we tried it. I am not sure how long you will get out of the battery, but I shall update my review when it runs out to reflect that time-scale,

I am hoping that she grows into it as collar but if not using it around her tummy is just as good for us.

You can get yours from Amazon for £11.99

PHEENX Foxy Dog Squeeker Toy, Large

2015-11-17 09.37.20
The Foxy Dog toy is so soft and really well made, so far it has survived her chewing and tugging on it when we are playing. She likes to snuggle up with it as well.  It is almost the same length as Abby!

I love how the whole body of the Fox is a squeaker – unlike most toys which is usually just a little one that the dog has to find, and the tail of the fox has crinkle material inside which she went nuts for.

2015-11-17 09.46.27

You can purchase your PHEENX Foxy Dog Squeeker Toy from Amazon for £8.99


PHEENX Big Bone Dog Squeeker Toy, Large

2015-11-17 09.38.34

Out of the three toys we received from Pheenx this is by far Abby’s favourite one! She will carry it around the house with her when it is brought out to play.
I love how it is made from a soft plush fabric for the bone and then the coarse rope, it is great for her chewing on and playing tug with and it also has a squeaker. It is again well made and I cant fault any of the stitching.
Abby has had hours of fun with this one and it showing no signs of wear or tear yet, despite her constantly chewing on it.

2015-11-17 09.49.42

PHEENX Big Bone Dog Squeeker Toy, Large is currently for sale on Amazon for £8.99


PHEENX Horsey Dog Toy with Crinkly Tail, Medium

2015-11-17 09.39.32

Out of the three this is by far the strangest! It doesn’t quite resemble a horse by any means. It is made up of different materials and I found the stitching to be almost haphazard along the body part – a few frayed threads and I could actually pull it apart a little near the label that is close to the furry tail.

Having said that it has withstood Abby chewing and tugging on it so far – so I guess it is stitched up pretty tight! This has a crinkly tail which she loves and this is great as a tug toy – we have hours of fun playing with this, and look forward to many more – I will definetly keep an eye out on the stiching on the body and see how long it lasts compared to the other toys.

Over all this is a great toy for dogs to play with.

2015-11-17 09.51.17

 Get your PHEENX Horsey Dog Toy with Crinkly Tail, Medium from Amazon


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