[Review] SENPAIC 5 Inch USB Fan Mini Desk Table Personal Potable Desktop Fan

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SENPAIC 5 Inch USB Fan Mini Desk Table Personal Potable Desktop Fan

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61Z5r5FgbuLI was really impressed with this little fan.
It arrived in a box with the fan in a plastic bag with a USB cable and instruction leaflet.


It is really more of a plug and play device, simple connect the USB to your computer and the connector to the back if the fan and off you go. It had a big suction on the bottom allowing it to be stuck down so it doesn’t move – simply position the fan where you want it then push down on the clip to create the suction. It holds really well, which I was surprised at.


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The fan has two speed settings and generates very little sound, the blades are made of foam which is a perfect safety measure as any little fingers IE. my kids – wouldn’t get hurt if they happen to put their fingers in as there is no protective cover over the blades.

It is a perfect desk fan, and what I loved was the fact that it worked on my portable power bank.

* I received a sample if this fan in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion *


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