[Review] Pro Selfie ULTIMATE Selfie Stick

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Pro Selfie ULTIMATE Monopod Wiith Built-In Zoom

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This is a really strong and sturdy selfie stick. It arrived in a box within a plastic insert and comes with a charging cable, there are no instructions within the box but you can find them printed on the back of the box.




The stick has an ergonomic handle that makes holding it a lot easier than other selfie sticks I have tried in the past. It is around 9 inches before you extend it and around 42/43 inches when it is fully extended. The telescopic extending mechanism is very smooth, and very tight at the same time ensuring security that it will not collapse when you have your phone extended 43 inches away from you.

The holder for the phone is spring loaded to ensure a tight fights, I was using my HTC M8 for reviewing this an it fit snug and held tight and I had no worries about my phone falling or popping out when using this stick.




On the handle are 4 buttons – power, zoom -, zoom+ and camera. It is really easy to pair with your phone, simply turn on the stick by holding the power button and you will see a red light then a flashing blue light, then search your phones Bluetooth for the device and pair. Simple! You will need to install the BT Shutter app in order for you to be able to use the zoom functions, and this app is available on both ios and android stores.



At the bottom of the stick you unscrew the end to reveal the charge port and also a fitting if you wanted to used a tripod.

The only thing missing for me is a wrist strap and possibly some lanyard connection for the screw cap to be attached to the handle as I already misplaced it when I was charging the stick up – thankfully I found it – but just a thought though.,

Overall this is a fantastic selfie stick, very sturdy and secure.



* I received this product heavily discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review *


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