[Review] GadgetKing Wireless Mouse


GadgetKing Ultra Slim Small Wireless Optical Mouse

I have been looking for a new mouse as I am fed up with the wired one that I currently use as the wheel is actually going on it. This one is ultra slim, lightweight and white.

It comes in a slim cardboard box with the Gadget King logo on the front, inside is the mouse protected with bubble wrap and a Gadget King Warranty Card which gives you a 2 year extended warranty. It is not noted anywhere on the mouse what size batteries it takes – though I know from the description it takes 2xAAA and you could probably tell, but from a gift point of view it would be a good idea if it was printed on the inside of the battery cover or even on the box somewhere.


The little wireless connector can also be found under the battery cover. Now for non technical minded people it would be good idea to have a little card or leaflet explaining what to do in regards to plug in play – you shouldn’t assume that everyone knows, I actually showed this product to my mother as she was here when it arrived and even she a commented on the lack of instruction despite her knowing and currently using a wireless mouse, even the one she bought came with some form of instruction.

Apart from that it connected really well with my pc I simply plugged the connector into a USB port and turned on the mouse and waiting for the relevant drivers to be installed by my pc. It connected really well on the following operating systems Windows Vista, XP, 7 and even 10! I am not used to using such a thin mouse. The wheel function is smooth as is the button clicks. It also has 3 DPI which can be adjusted: 1000DPI, 1200DPI, 1600DPI, and the mouse movement on screen as well as on the table is extremely smooth as well.

Overall this is a great wee mouse, I am not sure how long the battery life is as I am used to using wired mice and my pc use is fairly high and also gaming. I am not sure how this will fair playing games but I will give it a try.

** I received this product heavily discounted or free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. This does not alter my view in any way. This post may contain affiliate links **


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