#ziggybaby Baby Muslins – 3 Pack Muslin Squares, PINK Muslin Swaddle Blankets



* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest unbiased review.*

Set of 3 Pink Muslin Swaddle Blankets


This is a pack of three muslin squares – though I think blanket is a better term. They are massive, (120 x 120 cm), lightweight and I loved the Chevron, Cross & Arrow Patterns. Not only that the fabric is soft and breathable.


These are perfect for swaddling and if you are expecting in the summer months they would be a great addition to gift registry. I have three children and all off them loved to be swaddled I just wish I could have got these a year ago! Because of the size there you can use them as a breastfeeding cover or lightweight blanket
My youngest daughter loves a muslin square as a comfort and she really took these especially the pink arrow patterned one, not only is it a comfort to her, I am able to use it as a lightweight blanket (I know we are in winter by she gets really hot a night)

I have a friend who is due a girl in August and she loved these when I showed her them. The quality of this is to the highest standard and the stitching around the edges didn’t show any flaws or frayed thread.
Over all I am really happy with these and I would definitely recommend them if not for the quality but the size and multiple uses you will get of them.


My lovely 6 year old model Jack showing how huge they actually are! 

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