#TheTue10 89. Things I Loved About Childhood

Its Tuesday, and that means its time for this weeks edition of #theTuesday10


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I am guessing everyone has something or lots of things that they fear. Some of mine are not really any big revelataions as I am sure some will have similar.

1. Saturday Morning TV

It was the only thing worth getting up early in the morning to watch SMTV, Going Live! and Live and Kicking.

2. Playing outside until the street lights came on

It was safe to go away from your house with your friends for hours on end until you were hungry, needed the toilet or when the lights came on telling you it was time to leg it back home.

I am sad that my kids wont every experience play like this

3. Playing Chap Door Run

This was a great game 🙂 and we got caught so many times but it was worth it.

4. Having a bath on a Sunday night and having my mum comb though my hair and being allowed to watch “adult” tv show in front of the electric fire.

5. Getting some fresh cut rhubarb from my Papa’s garden and dipping it in a bowl of sugar 



Ok so this weeks edition is only 5 deep but its better than missing a week. I really need to get back on top of this linkup. 



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