#TheTue10 #63 – 10 things from your bucket list

 Its Tuesday, and that means its time for this weeks edition of the Tuesday 10!

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So I am sorry after a few weeks AWOL – I have been super busy and I think I have caught no blogging during summer bug that some of my fellow bloggers are going through. Thanks to Alyson for coming up with some topics as I having a total blank coming up with any.

This week is things from your bucket list – if you are unsure what a bucket list is it is basically a list of everything you want to achieve by the time you die. I have my list posted somewhere on the blog (I think) but I am pulling 10 things from it what I want to do relatively soon.

1. put £1 pound in a terramundi pot for 1 year

This is one of those that is easy enough but it is remembering to do it! Apparently the pot I have can hold £420 worth of pound coins! If I saved a £1 day wow I would feel like a rich woman lol My mum keeps £2 coins and put them in a piggy jar which was full, she had £164 in it and that went towards her getting her dog. I am going to try do this starting from today (if I have £1 spare) and use it to put toward Xmas.

2. Collect Russian Nesting Dolls

I have about 5 sets so far and my parcel pal also sent me one. I just love these, sadly I dont display them as I am waiting for the kids to grow up a little before putting my ornaments out 🙂 

3. Donate blood

I have been wanting to do this for a while now but since I have been pregnant for the past few years and you need to wait a certain time period after giving birth I am now eligible to actually do it! I missed the blood van when it was in my town last month so will need to see when the nearest one is to me coming up or wait until October for it to be down the road from me again.

4. Learn to use a sewing machine and make my own clothes

I have a sewing machine, in the loft. I think I broke it though…. I used it only once and I did something to the bottom threader….. I dunno… need to check it out.


5. Learn to knit / crochet

I have tried to pick this up but I am just not getting the hang of either them at all! 

6. Learn to scrapbook (properly)

I have bought 3 wee books to make one each for the kids, but I have no idea where to start or what to do! Some people have suggested SMASH instead, but even with that I have no idea where to start lol

7. Become a minimalist

I love to be a minimalist! I envision a tidy and clutter free home completely organised. But yeah that is no way for kids to live? is it? I am seriously wanting to try and par down the amount of crap we do have in the house though and the amount of toys the kids have is ridiculous.

8. Practice Yoga

I keep saying I want to do this and I always pout it off…. says a lot about me right lol I am a put-er off-er kinda person 🙁 

9.  Get another tattoo

I have been wanting another one for a while but just cant decide where or what, But I reckon this may happen by the end of this year,

10. Have a flat stomach

I really really really need to work my butt of for this to happen but see my comments on Yoga.,… yeah gonna be a while.


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