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Top 10 Christmas Movies

It is that time of year again when we succumb to the niceness that is Holiday Movies. We have everything from the old classics – Its a Wonderful Life to the more recent like Love Actually (Ok that is really recent but you know what I mean!)

Anyway here is what I consider in opinion to be Christmas MUST Watch movies

1. Elf

I am not a Will Farrel kinda gal, but I just love this movie.

2. Home Alone

What is Xmas without watching this? And those parents? seriously how could they forget him, we have introduced the kids to this movie and they love it! Though little miss is now say “little jerk” oops

3. Scrooged

Another favourite of mine growing up. “Put a little love in your heart”

4. Love Actually

A nice wee romance for Xmas. Though I am guessing if the kid did the airport scene nowadays he would get done from terroist behaviou no?

5. The Polar Express

The kids love this, I love this and we are going to be watching this on Xmas Eve 🙂 starting a wee tradion even though we have seen it a million times so far in the last few weeks….

6. Its a Wonderful Life

This is a great movie, one year I bought it for my mum and she bought it for me! That was fun on Xmas morning opening the same gift – but as they say great minds 😉

7. Santa Clause: The Movie

I have watched this nearly every single year it has been on the TV since I can remember. If I don’t watch it right away I have recorded it to watch later. This is one of those movies that just feels magical to me and I have so many great xmas memories growing up when I watch this movie.

8. A Christmas Carol

There are so many versions of this movie, that it hard to pick what one that I like the most. The Partrick Stewart, Jim Carrey and the very old orgninal are all high contenders.

9. Gremlins

10. Die Hard

It would not be Christmas without watching Die Hard at least once over the holidays now would it? It is always on the TV here every single year, and if not I am sure it is available on Amazon Prime and NETFLIX, this is if you are too lazy to put the DVD in  – come on admit you have ALL THE MOVIES.


What would make it on your list as a must watch Xmas Movie?





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