[Book Review] #promotion Waves of Passion by Lori Ann Mitchell


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My Review

Waves of Romance is book 3 in the Beach Reads, and we pick up Sage and Derek’s relationship where we left off.

Derek has bought a house and is making roots with Sage, but when he gets an opportunity to teach in California Sage is all for it but naturally scared, seeing as he had cheated on her previously – will the distance make or break them?

I am surprised at Derek in this book as he definitely being a stronger man when temptation comes a knocking at his door in the form of another travelling professor as they are so aptly named. He recoils all her advances and doesn’t actually do a thing! Great on him for realised the mistake he did the last time and he realised that he does love Sage and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Sage – well what can I can! She was the one who slipped and kissed another guy!! Whilst I kinda thought that is how this story played out it was still surprising since she was so gun ho about never cheating in the last book.

All in all their relationship is becoming stronger and the sex is just as hot. I wonder where book 4 in this series will take us after their hot New Years Eve!

4 stars

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