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bar brat ice ball maker

 I was so excited when Bar Bart got in touch and asked me if I would love to review their Ice Ball Maker. With the weather we have been having recently I am taking ice in my drinks a lot more but the ice cubes just melt to quick

The Ice Balls, however, are slow melting as opposed to your normal run of the mill ice cubes and these are perfect for cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages. Myself and my hubby enjoy a little glass of Disarrono sometimes in the evening and we found the ice balls to much better than cubes as they don’t melt as fast and dilute the drink.



So a little bit about the Ice Ball Maker

The silicon mold is 100% BPA free, FDA approved material and they even offer a lifetime money back guarantee! Not only that it is dishwasher safe.

The mold creates four 4.5cm Ice Balls and these large balls like I say keep your drink cool without diluting it.

Now according to the packaging you can fill this delightful little mold with absolutely anything! Make kids popsicles, fill with lemonade or other flavoured drinks, you name it you can more and likely make it in this.

I will need to try that out as so far we have just been making normal ice and I love them in my Disarrono and fizzy pop.



How to use your Ice Ball Maker

  1. Wash the silicone tray prior to use
  2. Place bottom tray on a flat surface
  3. Fill entire bottom of ice ball tray 3/4 full with liquid of choice (appx 3/4th of a cup)
  4. Slowly place and fit the top of tray into the bottom ice mould tray. Slightly press down on the sides and the middle of the top ice mold tray. If some water comes out of the holes, that is ok.
  5. Place entire liquid filled ice mould into freezer (4-6 hours)
  6. Remove from freezer. Slowly twist tray on all four side to break up ice balls
  7. Remove the top of ice mold tray and remove your ice balls




Now  it did take me a few attempts to get the level of water correct to make the balls perfect but my hubby mastered it. There was some water come out of the top and as you can see in the second pic the ice is all over the base but once you tip the ice balls out there are perfect spheres.

I love how easy it is to make and even easier to remove the ice, a simple little twist of the silicon mould and they pop out no problem. This is a great bonus as I hate ice makers that make it hard to get the ice out! It is simple to use and I love it. 



you can purchase the Ice Ball Maker & Ice Ball Mold: By Bar Brat from Amazon for £10.99 on sale at the moment


** price correct at time of posting **


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