[Review] Ambielly 32″ Women’s Wig Long Curly Wavy Hair Party Cosplay Wig (Wine Red)

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Ambielly 32″ Women’s Wig Long Curly Wavy Hair Party Cosplay Wig (Wine Red)

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I recieved the 32″ long wig in Wine Red. This wig is amazing and the colour is so vibrant. I already have plans to use this for a Poison Ivy cosplay/halloween costume

The wig arrived in a clear plastic ziplock bag secure inside a cardboard surround to protect it and it also came with a wig cap. There is a black coloured net under all the hair that you put over your own hair, also there are 2 clips on either side of the net that you can clip for a more comfortable secure fit. It feels very secure whilst on and I have really long hair as it is but it held in place over my hair (in a wig cap) without any problems, though I feel it could have been a little tighter around the forehead hairline – though it still felt really secure.


The length is perfect, but I will need to trim the fringe just a little – or get better at tucking some it behind my ears – as it is just a little too long. The curls are loose and bouncy, it is easy to brush and really soft feeling.

You could see some of the netting at the back when I wore it a certain way – perhaps using a flesh/nude colour would be better than black – but with a little help from my partner I was able to fix it and you hardly know it was a wig. It would be great for fancy dress or a cosplay but not for every day use.















For the price this is really great quality and the colour is just perfect.

* I received this product heavily discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review *


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