Incredible Challenges to Help You Get Fit

Getting fit is a goal that many people have but never manage to fulfil. One of the reasons it can be so hard is that staying motivated can be extremely difficult. Being fit isn’t a particularly concrete goal so it can be hard to know when you’ve got there or how close you are to reaching your goal. Without a way to measure your fitness, it’s not easy to keep going. But if you set yourself a goal to complete, you have something you can reach for. You can aim for a main goal, and set yourself smaller goals along the way to help you get there. Here are some things you might consider doing.


Take Part in a Local Event

A lot of people choose a local sporting event to get them motivated for getting fit. For example, it might be a parkrun or a 5k, a cycling event, or even a swimming challenge. If you sign yourself up for an event in the future, you’ll have the deadline as pressure to get you training. It’s much easier to make excuses for yourself if there won’t be any consequences. But if you have a challenge to complete in the near future, you’re going to feel pretty embarrassed if you struggle to get it done.

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Do Something for Charity

If you want to double up on the pressure, you can also consider doing something for charity. Not only do you need to be fit enough to complete the challenge, but you’ll have people sponsoring you who are counting on you to finish too. You can do something at home or go abroad to do something epic. For example, with Global Adventure Challenges, you can go rafting on the Zambezi or climb Kilimanjaro. If you decide on this kind of challenge, you’ll want to do your sponsors and the charity proud, and you’ll want to be proud of yourself too.


Complete a Fitness Programme

If you’re not up for working towards one big challenge, you could set yourself a long-term goal to complete. One thing you can use for this is a fitness programme, which often last around 30 days. Once you’ve done your first month, you should feel motivated to keep going. You’ll be encouraged to exercise every day, perhaps with some rest days. Having a ready-made schedule to follow can motivate you to do something every day.


Set a Personal Challenge

If you don’t want to follow along with a fitness programme, you can come up with your own challenge or goal to meet. It can be something simple that you want to achieve, and you can keep creating new goals as you complete them. For example, maybe you want to be able to swim ten laps of your local pool without feeling tired. Perhaps you want to run two miles without stopping or slowing to a walk. Choose a goal that will mean something to you, no matter how big or small it is.


Setting yourself a challenge can motivate you to get fit. Why not do something you have always wanted to do?




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