Hello March

A new month and one month closer to what is shaping up to be the best summer ever.

So February was a bit of a slow month, got lots of reading done not much done in the way of de-cluttering or unplugging!

It looks like I will be incorporating those into this month goals! Speaking of goals, since lent has now started – and by the way I am not religious in the slightest – I am looking for something to give up for the next 40 days.

I had thought of Facebook but I need to use messenger for a wee job I am doing, but I guess I could cut it back to just that purpose? I have been doing great with it not on my phone though I did cave and installed and uninstall it again a few times… It’s like a really bad drug!

Anyways potential things for me to give up for “lent”:

* Facebook – self explanatory as to why!

*Irn bru or any fizzy juice – this would be a great one to do especially since I need a bikini beach bod for July!

* Shouting – I shout way too much and I really need to reign it in a tad, ok who am I kidding – a lot!

I don’t really have any vices, other than crisps, but I really don’t think I am ready mentally to stop them cold turkey from tomorrow….. That would be a challeng though right?

So among with giving something up I have a few goals I want to get though this month as well.

Goals for March:

1. Use my super cool new blog planner

I picked up this blog planner from dotcreates that I can’t wait to get started with – ha blog post follow on this!

2. Unplug

Yeah I failed at this last month, but I am aiming at starting with one day a week then increasing as I go.

3. Start making a list of things for holiday.

Two adults, three kids going long haul for 16 days, yeah I need to start getting organised now!
What’s your goals for the month?


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