Goals for April 2019

March sucked for my goals and staying on top of them, meal planning is about the only thing I continued to implement…. So going forward my goals are pretty much going to be the same for this month as last in the hopes that I can at least stay on track and then add to it the months go on.

Home Goal’s

—> Meal Plan
Made one and so far I am sticking to it, as well as having a weekly ASDA shop recurring. Need to tweak it a little but getting there, we seem to be going through a lot of food within the first few days so I may need to do two shops a week as come the Fri we are in need to bread fruit and crisps etc. So that would mean 2 £40 shops a week instead on £45-50 and top ups. Which may equate to another £40 anyway.

—> Delcutter more
Small dents are being made, but still so much to do but I am planning on having a lot more stuff shifted by the end on the month

—> Stay on top of cleaning
I have managed to do my 15-30min cleaning a day, though looking at the house it wouldn’t seem like it! But as long as I can keep on top of it it wont build up and been a total mess to keep clean

—> Decorate
This didn’t happen last month but I really want to paint the kitchen, and get some tile samples for the future. The whole house is in desperate need of a repaint to freshen it up. But money and help is an issue.

Health & Wellbeing

—> Yoga
I really miss going to my yoga class but the class I went to have changed days and it doesnt fit with Lee and the kids scheduled so I have had to forego it. But I have discoverd a good series on Amazon Prime of all places that I hope to do on a evening when the kids are bed.

—> Unplug from technology on a evening (mostly my phone)
I am trying to do this but failing so will track my progress in April and review again in May.

Online Goals

—> Blog more!
yeah sucked in Feb & March, lets see what April brings…..

—> Increase Social Media
Aim to post on IG FB 3 times a week at least


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