Hello February!

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January feels like it has gone in a blink of an eye for me, so can I have a do over and start 2017 from today? January was just a trial month right? 

I got nothing done that wanted to achieve last month so this is the month to do it – *fingers crossed*

So how was my January:

Pretty boring and non eventful to be quite honest, it was all about trying to get the house sorted – which kinda worked, but I am still in a huge guddle with stuff in places it shouldn’t be. I am going a big de-clutter before I start the whole KonMarie journey (still to finish the book) but I did manage to:

** finally built the drawers and took away the old ones

** replaced Lucy’s bed with a new on and took the old one to the tip

Also we had a birthday in January!

** Lucy Celebrated her 3rd birthday (post to follow) with an epic Unicorn cake made by daddy


Goals for February

1. Blog
– I actually forgot all about my blog last month whilst doing the house, but I have some experiments up my sleeve that I am going to blog about throughout the month

2. Carry on with my de-cluttering
– I have several stuff to take to the tip and lots of bags to go through that are currently taking up residence in the hall – where none of it belongs!

3. Unplug
– I took the Facebook app of my phone for a few days (I caved and put it back on!) and really found myself at a loss at what to do. So I am going to take it off again and see what I can manage to do when I am not glued to my phone on Facebook all day. I still need to use it on the PC for business purposes but other than that I really don’t need it …. right? I still have messenger and the pages app as I need them – can I last the month?


What do you plan to do this month?





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