Face Up To Your Skincare Routine



How’s your skincare routine? Are you giving your skin all the care and attention that it needs to stay supple and smooth? Even though you might think your usual routine works for you, I’m sure there are ways you will be able to improve it. After all, nothing is perfect! But to help you work towards a perfect skincare routine, here are some tips that should help you on your journey to super soft skin!




It’s Not Just About What Goes On Your Skin

You will no doubt now the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ and this is completely true. If your diet isn’t particularly healthy, this will show on your face. That’s because all the sugar and fat found in unhealthy foods can cause skin to get super oily and will also promote wrinkles and age lines. So you need to be mindful of what you are putting in your body. Be sure to eat lots of foods that are high in antioxidants, as these can really improve the quality of your skin.


Be Consistent

Once you know which products work for you, it is important that you stick to them. If you keep on changing your products, it can really affect your skin. Even if you change the order in which you apply everything, you could notice a difference. So be sure to develop a habit that works for you, and stick to it.  The only reason to change your skincare routine would be if your skin gets damaged and needs some help to repair itself.




Ditch The Artificial Products

Lots of skin products contain chemicals and artificial ingredients. Some people will find these ingredients very irritating, especially if they have sensitive skin. Even if you don’t feel like these products are damaging your skin, they could still be causing dry or oily skin without you realising that they are the cause. No matter your skin type, it is a good idea to stay well away from these artificial creams and lotions. Once you start using natural products, like Tropic Skincare, you will find that your skin’s natural oils and moisture levels rebalance, and it will vastly improve.




Make Friends With A Facialist

When was the last time you visited a spa or beauty salon and treated yourself to a relaxing facial? Well, if it’s been a while, maybe you should book one soon. Facials are not only a great way to chill out, but they also do wonders for your skin. As the facialist massages your face, it will increase the blood flow to the skin, which can help it to feel a lot softer and smoother. It’s a good idea to try and have one facial a month. So it sounds like it’s time to make friends with your nearest facialist!


Do you think that all the above points could improve your skin care routine? If so, what are you waiting for? Time to work on that silky soft skin right now and say bye to wrinkles!







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