Going Vegan for January

So I have signed myself up to do Veganuary, I have no idea why I took the notion to do it and I have already failed day 1 as I had a steak pie dinner on New Years Day…..

My current eating habits

At the moment I guess I would class myself as a flexitarian (not a huge red meat eater but love a ham sandwich) I do tend to eat a lot of chicken and eggs and as far as dairy goes l love my cheese!

I reckon I could quite easily give up red meat and my ham sandwiches completely without much trouble, as I have managed to whittle it down anyway, I only really cool mince for the kids and sometimes chili for us. But red meat would not be that big a hardship to give up.

Chicken, eggs and cheese, well that is going to be a whole different ball game! 99% of our meals are chicken based with eggs (egg fried rice A-Game for example)

My Veganuary Plan

I have joined a few vegan based groups to help me get through this month and one thing I have come to realise is that even vegns who have been so for years sill mess up sometimes. I’m going to do a post on this another day regarding the groups. The main thing most vegans say in the veganuary group is do vegan your way then it will fall into place.

So that being said here is my veganuary rules that I am going follow – remember I am trying to break a 38 year habit of eating animal based products, I am only human I know that I will not be able to do this month completely cold turkey – I at least have the foresight to know I will mess up and I am not allowing myself or anyone else to beat me up about it.

  1. Cut out chicken the first week
  2. Start to replace with vegan alternatives
    – already switched butter and milk for vegan flora and almond milk
    – find alternative to chicken and cheese and try faux-meat
  3. Cut out eggs in week 2

Why do I want to do this?

I am well aware of the ethical reasons that people chose to go vegan, I have seen all the documentaries of the horrific treatment that dairy cows go through, pigs farms and chicken farms. I know how bad it is, but I haven’t allowed it to effect me, I have had the mind set of by me changing will not stop this from happening unless every single person does it the animals will still suffer. But I am doing for the animals as well for health benefits.

I am not going to become an extreme purist during this challenge – never say never in years to come, but I am not going to throw out my leather shoes, change my medication just because it may have been derived from animals. I have and will continue to phase out the toiletries and cleaning products to vegan cruelty free and my make up has been cruelty free for years now.

For me I am making a start to change and its not going to be perfect but over time if I find that vegan is for me then happy days, if I find its not for me at this time I can still make changes to my lifestyle and become vegetarian until that day arrives.

I need it click and for me its not yet, but I am looking forward to my journey this month and wonder how much my views will change in 30 days.

Are you vegan, veggie or taking the challenge this year?
You can sign up for the challenge yourself here


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