Our Loch Ness Adventure #nessiewatch

Yesterday I decided to suprise Jack and take him to Loch Ness to see if we would find Nessie the Loch Ness Monster. He has been learning all about Nessie this past week at school, and he has been asking to go after school!


As you can see for the map, it is a 3 hour drive from our house!! 

Anyway, I decided late Friday that I would take him and the kids and roped mum into coming along as well. The drive up was pretty plain sailing, motorway then a mix of dual carriage way and A roads. It was really nice scenery as well, honestly I know I live here and I am possibly biased but Scotland really does have some spectacular views and scenery.

It did take me little longer than the 3 hours as I stopped in Perth to fill up the petrol, then got lost coming out of Perth – it took me half hour to traverse Perth, find a Petrol station and then get back on the road!!


Finally we arrived at the Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition. The Prices to get in weren’t too bad, I am just glad I have two kids who don’t need to pay for yet, otherwise it would have been expensive.

Adult: £7.45

Child 6-15 yrs: £4.95

Consession: £6.45

Family 2 adult + 2 children@ £22.50




The centre itself is in a stunning building, as you can see. This was the side entrance, but you get an idea.

When you go through the exhiition it is like you are in a cave, you go though 5 rooms, and each room tells you a little bit about the sighting of Nessie, history on the Loch and all about the expeditions that have been carried out in search for her.

It was really informative and gave myself a good idea about it all.

Now, they have disproved Nessie as being real, and have managed to prove the sightings as being fake or possibly being large strigion in the Loch.

All but there have been proven as fake which I guess is why they are still searching for her.


I think we were in the exhibition for about half an hour maybe slightly longer but not by much. We spent longer in the gift shop on the way out I think.

We got some souvenirs, little Nessie stuffed toys, postcards etc, Apart from Max, he didn’t want a Nessie so he got a snowman instead. Yeah, go figure! We go all that way and get a snowman!



After we were done we decided to go get something to eat, and went in search of somewhere. We didn’t want to sit in the cafe that was at the centre as it was a little pricey and we wanted something more substantial than a sandwhich

On the way we discovered NessieLand! Which now I wish we had gone to instead of the exhibition centre, but never mind. I am not sure of the prices but it is similar to what we had seen.



I believe she is real, and so does Jack. 

We stopped and took some pics of the Loch – which is huge by the way, 36.3 km to be exact

 wpid-wp-1443991349141.jpeg wpid-wp-1443991236824.jpeg

After this we headed south on our way and stopped in at Fort Augustus for some dinner, this is where we discovered that you get onto the shore of the Loch!


 It was a great day out, the kids loved it, I enjoyed it but it was a long day of driving. 

Coming home I decided in my weird wisdom to continue south from Fort Augustus instead of heading back to Inverness and taking they way I drove up home.

That little descion made the journey home about 4 hours as it was really windy roads that you had to slow down for the corners and then it got dark – I hate driving in the dark so I was driving slower again,

I left the house at 9am and didn’t get home until 9:30pm!!

The view home were amazing though, what we saw before the darkness descended that is – and of course there were no road lights so it was completer and utter darkness save for the car headlights!




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