BVS Solitaire Collection Review #bvssolitaire


** I received a complementary copy of this game in exchange for my honest review **


Choose from several hundreds of different solitaire card games ever popular in world and play them on Windows PC/Mac/iPad and iPhone. All your favorites like Spider Solitaire, Scorpion, FreeCell, Pyramid, Forty Thieves, Carpet, Cruel etc. are included. BVS Solitare Collection allows you to customize the games the way you want to play them. The whole design of the games can be customized, including card sets, card backs and backgrounds. Never play the same solitaire game twice.


I love a good game of solitaire and when I am bored I tend to open it up and have a wee game which then turns into several as I want to beat my score.

With the BVS Solitaire collection, you have the option to play one of several hundred of variations – some I have heard of some I haven’t. I have had good fun testing this out, there are games that I have discovered that I really enjoy.

I didn’t manage to get round all the games that are available but I am still working my way through them.


The collection is very easy to use – you just select the game you want to play by pressing Select and you greeted with a list to chose from, and like I say there are hundrds! There is the original, Free Cell, Spider Solitaire and Pyramid games that I have played before – all the rest I havent. What I liked most was that there were Rules available for each and every one of the games.

So it was really helpful to play a new game  – I didnt always win lol but I had fun trying out the new ones.

You have the option to charge the card sets, card backs and backgrounds, which I thought was a great feature. Like it says = you will never play the same game twice with this feature.

Overall I loved that I could play a new game by having the rules easily available to read, I changed the card decks for every single game and it added to the whole game effect.

As far as card games go, if you love Solitiare you will love this collection – there will be something in it for everyone.



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