Hello October!

Well we are getting near that time of the year that I love, full on Autumn and Halloween. I almost forgot to post today.,.. it is coming up for 9pm so still plenty of time 🙂

I have had the day from hell with the kids – dunno if it something to do with that blood moon we just had, but they have just been off the charts with attitude and tantrums! All three of them!! It just stresses me out way to much and I cant really cope when all three go off on one. 

We took the kids out yesterday evening so Lee could get some nice pictures of them, we eventually got some really nice one, I am planning a post with the pic for tomorrow, but if you are friends with me on Facebook – you will more and likely have already seen them.

I am working on my list of Horror movies I am going to watch during this month. Tonight’s one, however will be Scream. It was in my spotlight box when I opened the Netflix app so that is good enough for me 🙂

Also for today I am going to join in with Nichole and do the #bloggerlifechallenge October photo challenge. I am just playing catch up on my whole reading blogs and this one sounds like fun – If I cant take a photo I guess I can do it a a blog post….Lets see if I can last the month with this, I am going to have to hunt to find my planner for today’s photo before the day is through and that is only about 2 hours from now.

Why not follow along with the prompts below:



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