My new car

Hey guys, well I am cutting it fine with the blog posts. I have been out literally ALL day, took Jack to Loch Ness in search of Nessie but more about that tomorrow.

This is just a quick post to get my daily blog in before midnight 🙂


Meet my new car!

I have had it for about a week now, it is a Honda Jazz 04 plate and its a great wee thing.
Took it on a 200+ mile journey today and it was great, nice a quiet and smooth drive. I can get the three kids in the back ok, and there is plenry of room inside it is like a small tardis. It looks like it will be really small inside from the outside, but like I say they all get in fine on the back. The boot take the buggy no problem, and I managed to get a shop in there too.

Well happy with it, it is a wee late birthday present from hubby as I have been moaning about needing a car since my brother sold his that we were borrowing.
It may be a 12 year old car, but it runs smooth doesn’t have any noises and will be great for seeing me from a to b.


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