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Raj Davis

We all deal with adversity. Todd, Lee, and Ebony get more than their fair share. Very early in life, while still vulnerable, defenseless, and impressionable children—they were made subject to abuse. From that beginning, they were molded not to reach their dreams but to collapse and become three more of the sad statistics that represent the normal downfall in many urban neighborhoods. These living environments are called the ghettos, slums, and projects of their cities. Yet, not completely broken by their environment, they each pursue excellence, choosing their own path. Some choose wrong. One becomes a drug dealer, one becomes a social worker, and one a doctor. The choices they make affect their destiny. They each have a critical move to make to be trulyhappy. How do you rise from the gutter when it is all you know? Is triumph only for the fortunate? Can you conquer when life seems like it wants to devour you? Todd, Lee and Ebony stare at the sun, drinking in its light…wanting more. Will they get it



** I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review **


I really enjoyed this book, and glad I was given an opportunity to review it.

We meet Todd, Lee, and Ebony – to say they have had a pretty shitty upbringing is an understatement as they suffered from abuse from their father and their school mates. They grew up in the rough area like the ghetto and were basically left to become a statistic for that type of upbringing.

As they got older they all went down different paths – Todd became a drug dealer, Lee a social worker who helps kids in a similar situation to hers and Ebony was the child genius of the family and became a Doctor.

The story covers a lot from bullying and abuse and the situations they all go through can easily reflect real life. It is very well written and I read it on a day, I was just engrossed in their lives.

Brilliant read to a new to me auhtor and I look forward to reading Raj future works.



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