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I have never held much stock or had much need for sleeping masks, but after using this for over a month now I cant sleep without it. That may seem like a bold claim to make but it is true,
My children sleep with their bedside light on during the night, granted it is dimmed but it still shines through to our bedroom, it doesn’t normally bother me, until the first night I slept with this mask on.
Now I haven’t tried the ear plugs as I need to be able to hear the kids but the mask is wonderful.


What you get:
= A lovely silk travel pouch
= Sleep mask
= ear plugs
= a leaflet giving tips on how nest to use both the mask and ear plugs, as well as how to get a good night’s rest with general advice.This leaflet also gives you a link to the company’s Facebook community page, and you can also receives a free 52 page ebook on how best to lead a better sleep-filled life.


The mask itself is satin on the outside with the Smarter Rest embroidered on it, and soft velvety cotton on the inside which feels lovely against your eyes and skin. The area around the nose can be moulded to fit to block out the light coming in below ensuring a total black out. The strap is wide and Velcro adjustable to fit any size of head.On the strap is where you will find a little holder for the ear plugs – a great idea! Like I say I didn’t use them, but they are bright yellow and made from memory foam that moulds to your ears. If there is a point in time I need to use them then I would definitely be willing to try them with the mask.

After using this mask I wasn’t aware just how much my children’s light has actually effected my sleep. Now I wear this every night and I am having the best night sleep in a long long time! I love how if I am away on holiday I can pack it up into its little pouch to protect it and pop it in my suitcase.

IMAG3803 IMAG3804

You can purchase your Sleep Mask from Amazon currently on sale for £8.99.


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