My Top 7 Must-Have Autumn Wardrobe Additions


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The days are getting shorter, there’s a slight chill in the air, and the streets are littered with orange leaves. Autumn has arrived. Don’t spend the next six months lamenting the loss of summer and awaiting the arrival of spring. Instead, you’ve got the perfect excuse to update your wardrobe with some beautiful autumnal items. Here are my top seven additions for your autumn wardrobe to keep you looking fresh and keep you warm throughout the season and onto winter.



It’s good news for people who love cosy knitted cardigans or warm baggy jumpers. Autumn means you can happily pull the knitwear out from the back of the wardrobe and incorporate it into everyday life again. You’ll be spoilt for choice in any store you head to, and if you’re feeling daring, why don’t you even try your hand at doing some of your own knitting? This could be a fantastic challenge to keep you occupied during those cold and wet days you spend sheltering indoors.



There’s nothing as snug as a fluffy faux fur coat. Whether you want to go all out with full fur, or opt for a more subtle fur trim, the high street stores stock plenty of options. And if you’re faux fur mad, don’t just stop at jackets; there are scarves, hats, gloves and even fur-lined boots to choose from too!


Scarves and Hats

What would this list be without the addition of scarves and hats? Spice up any outfit with a cute scarf, or why not invest in a gorgeous hat or headband. Did you even know you can get earmuffs that double up as headphones? Now you’ll never have to sacrifice warmth for great tunes.



Updating your wardrobe doesn’t necessarily have to be restricted to clothes and accessories – use makeup to add some flare to your style. On-trend oversized eyeliner or smoky eyeshadows will breathe new life into any outfit. Or how about trying some statement lipsticks? Just remember if you’re wearing lots of make-up, be sure to have your skincare regime nailed.


Ankle Boots

Keep your feet looking fashionable with some gorgeous ankle boots. Not only are they guaranteed to keep your feet snug and dry, but their great grip will keep you from slipping and sliding all over the pavement on a wet day.



Autumn is possibly the only time of the year when you can get away with gilets. If you’re one of those people who find a full on coat too warm, but wearing a jumper only is too cold, then a gorgeous new gilet is for you. Paired with one of your new autumn jumpers this will complete an outfit perfectly.



Gone are the summer days of strappy sandals and wedge heels; to accompany those ankle boots you need some killer socks. Don’t just settle for boring old black socks – it’s time to pimp out your footwear with some funky patterned socks.


Those are my top 7 wardrobe upgrades for the autumn if you’ve got any more suggestions leave a comment below!



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