#TheTue10 #71 – If I had £100

 Its Tuesday, and that means its time for this weeks edition of the Tuesday 10!

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IF I HAD £100

So this week it is about what I would buy if I had £100. Now there is two ways you can you do this theme, list 10 things that total £100 or 10 things that cost upward to £100 that you would want to buy.


1.  Petrol for the car 

Yeah this is the more practical of this list – it costs about £65/70 to fill up completely and still have change to spare

2. Grocery for about 2 weeks

If I went to Aldi for my shopping I would probably be able to get a months worth of food if I stuck to my list. As it is I don’t and therefore end up going to different shops!

3. 10 packs of nappies

£100 would stock me up on 101 packets going by Asda 2 for £20 promotion and that would see me up until maybe November, since it is only Lucy in nappies now ( Max just at night – and some journeys)

4. This fitness outfit 

ROYAL PALM /2 Pieces


I love Flabletics stuff and I have yet to buy anything from them but I love this outfit. In fact they have so many I would love to get!! This one is currently £53 for VIP and £95 for guests….

5.  This black Gothic dress – just for shits and giggles

Phaze = Long Black Lace Overlay Gothic Dress £85.00


I love this dress, and that I have anywhere to ever wear it and just need it in my life! lol


6. Personalised # tag necklace

Personalised Hashtag Name Necklace £48

This just my kinda thing 🙂 I would love it to be #feeisms or #kinkycherry

7.  I would get a new tattoo

This can cost up to £100 depending on what I get and size…. still thinking about this one…

8. A video camera – oh so retro

I am using my phone for my YouTube videos and would prefer to get a wee camcorder instead. I have seen a cool wee one in Argos that is just under £100 but no idea how good it is – will need to investigate

9. Stock up on my M.A.C foundation

I love this foundation and I really would love to try more MAC products but I tend to have a budget lol 

10.  Buy 100 lotto tickets

One is bound to hit the jackpot right???


What would you buy if you had £100?


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