[Book Review] The Time Stopper by Dima Zales #TimeStopper

** I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review**


The Time Stopper a short novella that is a prequel to the Mind Dimensions series. 

Mira is a though reader and able to Split – meaning she can stop time and leave her body. We get a great insight into what she does when she Splits as she is looking for her parents killers, she watched them die in a car explosion and now she wants revenge. When she Splits she sees herself and everything from all angles – the begning she is in a smoke filled room and the way it is described in her split state is just brilliant.

The whole idea of Splitting is totally fascinating to me and I was hooked from the beginning, I absolutely loved the premise of the whole storyline and was glad I was able to move straight on to book 1 in the series. This is a great short book to introduce you to the series and I cant wait to read more, I am well and truly hooked.



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