The Sunday Round Up #16

I am starting a wee weekly thing or feature whatever you want to call it, called The Sunday Round-up.

Basically you post about the happenings of your week 🙂 this is my first week starting it but if you would like to join in please leave a link to your post in the linky below and I will be sure to check it out 🙂


Feeisms | Sunday Round-Up

My Week  5/1 – 11/1

The schools are back today after the winter break, and I along with other mothers rejoyced! Ok not quite but it is good to get into a routine again from lie in and lazy days.

Handed in Max’s registration form for him to start nursery. He isn’t 3 years old until November and he will probably be next January intake but best to get the form in now and check that off my to-do list. I can’t believe that he will be going this year(or Jan) it is going to be quick in coming around.

(I usually write this on a daily basic of what I did, but I didn’t for today and I can’t for the life remember what I did!)

Had to stay in for packages being delivered/collected so I made a start on gutting the kitchen. I don’t know why I bothered as it was a mess again come tea time! Though I did mange to get rid of a ton on junk that was cluttering the floor.

It was mostly recyclable stuff as needed to wait on our bin getting emptied. But it’s a start.

Went over to mums after dropping off
Jack at school. Went to B & M store, which I love btw as she wanted a wee table for her top landing. It’s on my list to build tomorrow.

I am knackered today! I have got mum roped into the declutter challenge, so I made a start on her spare bedroom. My brother has left most his stuff at her house,with the large things in storage – when he left the army and this room is just in a guddle from everything.

Sorted her wardrobes and we have several bags for the charity shop as well as several bin bags of rubbish.

Feeling accomplished today!

Had to go food shopping and then just relaxed with at mums for  afew hours before heading now. Now it time for dinner get the kids bathed and ready for bed and hopefully have some me time before I hit the sack. I hurt my back yesterday (thing I twisted it moving stuff) so I really want a nice long soak in the bath and an early night…. chances of that are VERy slim.

How was your week?


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2 thoughts on “The Sunday Round Up #16

  • January 13, 2015 at 12:57 pm

    There is something very satisfying about crossing items off your to do list. January is a great time to de-clutter. I did get the office set and one or two closets, but there is still so much more. It’s amazing what your eyes see when you become aware of it. Love the candles on the kitchen sill.

  • January 18, 2015 at 6:59 pm

    I need to declutter my house too. I need to donate a bunch of clothes that I don’t wear anymore. My mother in law loves to give me clothes that I will never wear, but I can never tell her no because she gets sad and takes it personally. I figure it’s better to just graciously accept it, wear it once, and then donate it to someone who can truly love it.

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