The vegan kind lifestyle box #90 April 2021

The vegan kind lifestyle box #90

We are in the process of moving soon and when this arrived I totaly forgot to get a photo of the box (or at least I can’t find it in my camera roll doh!)

The fist thing to disappear before the photos was Lotus Biscoff Cream biscuits (rrp £1.49) they are soooo good and the family can attest to that! Proppadoms (rrp £1.00) were amazing just the right amount of garlic, Nuts for punchy smoked paprika (rrp £1.29) more NOMO chocolate (rrp £0.90) and the Fruit snacks (rrp £1.49) were delicious.

Candy Kitten Tropical Mango (rrp £1.20) I have been looking forward to trying this brand and they are over £2 in the shops! Urban Noddle Thai Green Curry (rrp £2.35) is a definate must purchase if I ever see them in the shops this was soooo good!

And lastly Dr Paw Paw age renewal hand cream (rrp £6.95) this smells amazing and is a staple in my handbag from now on.

This Months Recipe:
Butternut Squash & Apricot Tagine

Box Value: £16.67


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