The vegan kind lifestyle box #91 May 2021

The vegan kind lifestyle box #91

LoveRaw White Choc Bar (rrp £1.69) O.M.G AMAZING!!!! Since I saw this announced I could not wait to get my hands on one, and boy was it was sooo good!

Salt of the Earth roll on deodorant (rrp £5.49) £5 is way more than I would ever spend on deodorant, but this certainly offers lasting protection from odour and smells nice to boot. Will purchase this again in the future

miiro chocolate (rrp £2.50) and the Tribe triple decker (rrp £1.99) were yummy

Wild Cassava crisps (rrp £1.00) and Hippeas Cheesy Nacho (rrp £1.00)

Yo! Katsu Curry sauce (rrp £1.15) haven’t tried this yet but hoping to get hubby to try it with me.

This Months Recipie:
Grilled Cinnamon Pineapples with Salted Caramel

Box Value: £16.01


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