The vegan kind lifestyle box #96 October2021

The vegan kind lifestyle box #96

So this months box has arrived and I was hoping for some Halloween themed goodies in the box, but alas there was not.
I have to be honest there isn’t anything in this month selection that I am overly excited about other than maybe the Pr*wn Crackers – something that I miss eating when we get a Chinese.

What I’ve tried so far:

Nopla plastic free chewing gum (rrp£15.99 for pack of 12) – firstly I had no idea that normal chewing gum had plastic in it! Did you? Though I am not surprised really and my vegan journey has been eye-opening when it comes to ingredients in things that you would not expect! Secondly it tasted just like any well known brand of gum out there – you would not know the difference. Only thing is you get 10 pieces in a box – in comparison to other brands where there is significantly but the box is carboard and easily recyclable so that is a bonus.

Next we have Vegums Iron gummies – 2 week trial pack (rrp£5.95) – many boxes ago in fact it was last Octobers box we got Vegums Fish-Free Omega-3, which the kids loved though J was more into them. This time we have the iron ones and they are blackberry flavoured – I never bothered much with vitamins before I went vegan and really the only one I take at the moment is a B12 just in case but I am a regular blood donor and apparently my iron levels are brilliant! J likes these so no doubt I will be sharing then with him – dose is 2 gummies for adults an over 12yrs and 1 gummy for children ages 3-7.

Native Pr*wn Crackers (rrp£1.85) These were a sweet chili flavour and really nice – M devoured them and if he could would have had the whole packet to himself! When we get a Chinese takeaway I always miss out on the prawn crackers – though I never really ate a lot of them but I liked a few, so now I have a vegan version though no guarantee they would last until we ordered a takeaway in this house!

The Conscious Candy Co. Rainbow pick n mix (rrp£2.00) again we got some conscious candy friend eggs in last Octobers box so I knew these were going to be a big hit – we had fried eggs, bubble-gum mermaids, fruit gums to name a few. Whilst they were yummy I cant get over how little you get in a pouch for £2!

Indie Bay Pretzel Thins Barbeque (£0.89) – another box, another BBQ flavour – passed these onto M, I tired them they were nice but I just hate BBQ flavoured foods LOL

Still to try:

Fiid Sundried tomato and lentil ragu (rrp£3.69) sounds delicious – it says a meal for one but I think I will cook up some pasts to go with it.

HU hazelnut butter dark chocolate (rrp£3.50) hubby has his eyes on this so I will need to open it soon and try it before he sneaks away with it. Am I the only person who can keep chocolate for ages before eating it??

Vita Coco Choc-o-lot drink (rrp£1.99) not sure about this as I am not too keen on coconut water but will give it a try soon

This months recipe: Hot and Sour Seitan

Box Value: roughly £21


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  • October 23, 2021 at 9:44 pm

    Ohh! What an interesting box of treats.
    I had no idea that chewing gum had plastic in it. Eek! I love the sound of the prawn crackers x

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