The vegan kind lifestyle box #82 Aug 2020

I began my vegan journey at the start of the year (see post) and over the months I have been trying new foods and finding out a lot of the food stuff I normally buy are accidentally vegan anyway so – woo bonus!

I came across the vegan kind supermarket during my searches and noticed they did a subscription box where they send you a box of goodies direct to your door for only £13 a month! 

I just got my first box and I am so excited to share what I received and my true honest thoughts on each item. 

The box is large so this will not fit inside your letter box, it is 100% recyclable and comes with no extra packaging inside.

Each month you get a leaflet showing what you have received with the company info and rrp of the products, and you are also given a recipe card and I believe after 6 deliveries you get a little binder to store them in, so I can’t wait to get that in a few months time.

So for this being my first box from them I am pleasantly surprised with the items I think I have reached a point where my taste buds and body is willing and ready to try vegan alternatives, I know that there will be times that I won’t like something but the beauty of this box is that it will introduce me to new things and I can then go on to purchase them again if I like them.

For my first box I am really surprised at the range and quality of the items sent. I have already had Tenzing and Well & Truely in the past so I knew I would like them. But the big winner out of this box for me was the CruncheeBites and the Gnawbles – they were amazing and a bit hit with the kids – surprise surprise!

I can’t wait for next months box to come now.


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