The vegan kind lifestyle box #102 April 2022

The vegan kind lifestyle box #102 April 2022

This months box is Easter themed! Usually there has been 8 items in the box but this month we only have 7. Now I am not a huge fan Easter (ie we don’t celebrate the religious aspects to this holiday) so being vegan hasn’t bothered me much about not having Easter eggs, but I have to admit I was looking forward to this months box so I could have some goodies to eat when the kids get their Easter eggs from the grandparents.

What I’ve tried so far:

Rhythm 108 truffle eggs (rrp £1.99) – we had these in last years box

Doisy & Dam Good Eggs (rrp £2.79) – think of these as being the vegan equivalent of mini eggs – they are delicious!

NOMO bunny (rrp 0.92)

Mackie’s Ridge Cut Paprika crisps (rrp £1.39)

Still to try:

Freedom Choc Shot (rrp £3.85)

Choc bunny lolly (rrp 1.99)

Bamboo toothbrush (rrp £3.99)

Recipe of the month

Easter Nests


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