#MealPlanningMonday 18th-24th April

Well its been a hot minute since I have done a meal plan, and in all honesty the kids requested it this time as they were getting fed up with the same things. So we sat down came up with 12 meals (the weekends are usually a free for all so can be takeaway or mish-mash of what we have left before the next food shop) that they will all eat – and some that I can easily veganise. (vg next to a meal denotes that is vegan friendly or can be made vegan)

Also we just bought an air fryer at the weekend, so I am looking forward to trying it out this week with the sausages, nuggets and waffles.

Fish Fingers, chips and veggies

Taco Tuesday!

sausages and mash (vg)

nuggets and waffles (vg)

Spaghetti Carbonara

Saturday and Sunday will be determined on they day as its usually a day of lazy eating. I haven’t included any of my vegan meals, though the whole family will eat the vegan Richmond sausage’s on the Wednesday. I have yet to master a veganised carbonara but I’m hoping when I do we can replace the original with it.

A lot of the vegan food recipes I make tend to have mushrooms and nearly everyone apart from me likes them, I need to master the art of finely chopping them to hide them in but its not worth the kids whining just yet lol


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