Insanity wk 3 days 3 & 4

Opps forgot to update yesterday!
I was late in working out about 7:30pm – which I hate! And yesterday was pure cardio and cardio abs. I seem to be getting worse instead of better lol. I feel like I am struggling to get the workout done, but I am definitely putting it down to the time I workout.

Today was cardio recovery and for all it’s stretching I managed it much better since I did it about 1pm when the littles were napping. Definitely a food routine to do after a day of pure cardio the day before!can’t bekeive I am bearing the end of week 3, next week is all pure cardio and plyo cardio circuit *blanch* then the week after is recovery week. Which I have to admit doesn’t look like much of a recovery week lol



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